Blog post assignment

Your blog post assignment is due on Friday November 4th, before 5pm (end of week 8). You must drop in a hard copy, and submit a copy on safe assign (via blackboard).

Here are some tips for writing a good blog post:

  1. Be clear about what you want to say before you start.
  2. Map out the paragraph structure in your rough work.
  3. Start with a clear puzzle and a specific question (questions lead to answers).
  4. Write a direct imaginative title.
  5. Write a captivating introduction.
  6. Specify your core claim/argument.
  7. Marshall empirical evidence to back up this claim.
  8. Discuss this evidence in relation to the wider literature.
  9. Conclude by specifying why it is relevant.
  10. Write for a public audience.
  11. Use in-text citations (a rich bibliography signals that you’ve researched the topic).
  12. Enjoy the writing process.
The length is between 1200-1400 words. For a blog post this implies 10-13 concise paragraphs. The referencing style is Harvard.
Use online links in the text to direct the reader to the references. There is a blog option on Microsoft word, which is useful.
Make sure to write your name/student number on the cover page. Print on one side only, use font size 12, space 1.5, and staple the pages together. Use a standardized font.
You need to submit a hard copy into my assignment box in the SPIRe corridor + submit a copy via safe assign on blackboard.

Feel free to email me with your ideas, or to discuss further. For examples of excellent academic-style blogs, see this website:


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